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A technology store in Brazil allowed a student to do homework on devices in a shopping center. And then I gave two tablet

His school has only 12 tablets for 278 students, and the Internet is regulated by the school board.

In Brazil, a hardware store presented two tablets to a schoolboy who was doing homework in a mall. The video was published on November 10, and after it became viral, gaining 7.5 million views.

G1 reporters found out that the video shows 10-year-old William Santiago. At his school, 278 people study, there are only 12 available tablets, and the Internet can be used when the school council permits. There is no Internet at home either, so the boy began to do homework on the devices displayed in stores.

Santiago was photographed when he was doing a geography job at the Samsung store. Initially, he used the phone, but store employees noticed this and suggested that he change the device to a tablet. “I didn’t say anything, I was scared. The seller asked what I was doing. It was a work about one of the southern regions. It took me 10 minutes, I asked for this time, ”said Santiago.

After the video became viral, Samsung presented the boy with two tablets, insuring them against accidents. Parents of the schoolboy knew that Santiago did lessons at the store several times, but were shocked by such popularity.

Against this background, Brazilians said that the country has very expensive Internet, and low-income families can not afford tablets or computers: the minimum wage there is 1000 reais () , and an inexpensive computer costs 600 reais.

The cost of mobile Internet  Image  

Locals recalled that not all Brazilian schools correspond to the educational institutions of developed countries. Some do not even have electricity. There are also few libraries in the country, they are not financed and not all residents like to read.

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