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Wikipedia co-founder launches social network without ads and clickbait

The project will work thanks to user donations.


Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales launched the WT: Social social network, which doesn’t have ads and clickbait headlines. It is reported by The Financial Times.

In WT: Social, you can post materials and discuss them in the feed, like in any other social network. In addition, users will be able to edit most of the content on the site. The tape will be formed in chronological order.

Wales explained that the project will work thanks to user donations. Because of this, it will be possible to exclude the presence of advertising. He pointed out that the service is intended for a new generation that is ready to pay for “significant” content. Wales cited Netflix, Spotify, and The New York Times as examples.

WT: Social has been working since October 2019. You can join her by invitation or by making a donation – $ 12 monthly or $ 100 annually. In a month, the number of users reached 50 thousand people, but in the future, Wales hopes to attract from 50 to 500 million people.

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