Venice Parliament Building Flooded After Authorities Reject Climate Change Amendments

This happened for the first time in history.

Snapshot by 
Andrea Zanoni

In Venice for the first time flooded the building of the regional parliament. According to CNN, this happened after authorities rejected the climate change amendment.

Water began to flow into the meeting room during a discussion of the regional budget for 2020. According to Andrea Zanoni, deputy chairman of the environmental committee, this happened a few minutes after the regional government rejected proposals to improve the environment.

Ironically, the meeting room flooded two minutes after the rejection of the climate change amendment. These included financing renewable energy sources, replacing diesel buses with more efficient and less polluting ones, as well as reducing plastic emissions.

Andrea Zanoni

Deputy Chairman of the Environment Committee

Zanoni also accused regional head Luka Zaya of agreeing on a budget without concrete action to combat climate change. Council President Roberto Chambetti rejected the allegations of the head of the environment committee. He argued that over the past three years the region has spent more than 965 million euros on air pollution.

On November 12, a severe flood was recorded in Venice since 1966. The water level rose to 187 centimeters due to which flooded about 45% of the city. Affected hotels, restaurants and homes. One person died from electric shock while trying to turn on the electric pump.

Instagram report: Largest in half a century …Almost half of the city has been flooded. 

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