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Netflix will edit the series about the guard of the Nazi camps after accusations of “rewriting history”

This is at least the fourth known case when a service changes content under the influence of authorities or the public.

Shot from the series “The Devil Next Door” Netflix

Netflix will change the map of Poland in the documentary series “The Devil Next Door” on the concentration camp guard after being charged with rewriting a story. Notes will be added to the map of the country to avoid misunderstandings. This was reported by Bloomberg with reference to Netflix.

The service did not specify how the notes would look exactly. However, according to a Netflix statement, the edits will make it clear that concentration camps in Poland were built by the Nazi regime, which occupied the country in 1939-45.

On November 12, Polish Prime Minister Mateus Moravecki accused Netflix of rewriting history because of the country map shown in the fifth episode of “The Devil Next Door”. It indicated Nazi camps in the modern borders of Poland.

According to Moravecki, this is not only false, but also misleads the audience. The Prime Minister believes that the map shows Poland an independent state that supported the Nazi regime. He turned to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings in an open letter asking for a fix.

The documentary series “The Devil Next Door” was released on November 4. The plot focuses on John Demjaniuk, a former Ford mechanic from the United States who was stripped of his citizenship and transferred to a German criminal court on charges of killing Jews. As it turned out, during the Holocaust, he worked as a security guard in Nazi camps.

This is not the first time that the service changes the released series and films. In January 2019, Netflix blocked an episode of the comedy show Patriotic Act in Saudi Arabia, which criticized one of the country’s princes. In March, the service removed footage with a real disaster from the movie “Bird Box”, and in July, cut out the suicide scene in the bathroom from the series “13 Reasons Why”.

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