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# armored luggage: the Internet and brands defended the fat cat, which the owner drove by cunning “Aeroflot”

While the company deprives a passenger of miles, Aeroflot is criticized in social networks and believes that even well-fed cats can fly in the cabin.

Mikhail Galin and the cat Victor Photo by Ruptly

In early November, Aeroflot passenger Mikhail Galin and his cat Victor became famous in social networks due to an unusual story: the cat was not allowed into the cabin of the Moscow-Vladivostok flight because of the advantage. According to the rules, animals heavier than 8 kilograms are sent to the luggage compartment, and Victor exceeded the norm by 2 kilograms.

Galin found a similar cat (but easier), went through registration with him and carried his pet to the salon. After the story was published in social networks and the media, Aeroflot expelled the passenger from the loyalty program and deprived him of bonus miles. Galin admitted that he himself violated the rules, but the Internet stood up for his defense.

For several days, the continuation of the story about the fat cat and Aeroflot went on social networks. Users came to the conclusion that the company was not worth punishing the resourceful passenger: opinions, jokes and memes began to appear on this occasion.

The phrase “ Bro – not baggage ” from Galina’s post became a hashtag of the action  hundreds of publications can already be found under it on Instagram.

The network made parodies of advertisements of other airlines that could beat the story with a cat.

As in any protests of the second half of 2019, serious and comic, the design “I / We are a fat cat” was not without . With this wording, users began to lay out their well-fed cats.

Since Aeroflot missed the opportunity to emerge victorious from the situation with a fat cat, other brands were quick to take its place. On November 12, Georgy Lobushkin, the director of public relations at Citimobil, invited Galin to get in touch so that he could return the lost Aeroflot miles by taxi. “Yes, we contacted Mikhail and expressed his readiness to support him with taxi rides. He accepted the information, so we are waiting for him to have such a need, ”Lobushkin told TJ.

In the next two days, even more brands supported the owner of the cat:

  • Ak Bars Bank gave Galina 10 thousand bonus miles. “Everyone is aware that one large airline excluded [Galina] from the loyalty program and took away all the bonus miles. And his cat, Viktor, was also subjected to fat shaming, which is unfair and insulting, ”the bank noted. Eldorado also offered the passenger bonuses – a point for each gram of cat weight;
  • Some companies like Bank Vozrozhdenie limited themselves to a picture on the topic;

Russian pet store chains began to give Galina and his cat certificates and bonuses. Vsemayki store has prepared a mini-collection of t-shirts based on history;

Viktor was given a training session with the Admiral KHL club coach.

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От приглашений Николая Павловича не отказываются – их принимают. Мохнатый авиапутешественник Виктор сегодня принял участие в полноценной тренировке под руководством тренера «Адмирала» Николая Пронина. Канат, беговая дорожка, силовые упражнения – все по-серьезному. Учитель и ученик в процессе настолько сблизились, что Палыч позволил Виктору такие вольности, о которых его подопечные хоккеисты даже не мечтали. #Хоккей #Адмирал #КХЛ #Владивосток #Admiral #HCAdmiral #VdkHockey #PrimHockey #ПриморьеЗаСпорт #БроНеБагаж

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After social networks defended Galina, he gave an interview to Radio Liberty. “Very nice reviews on this subject, I did not think that there would be such a stir,” he said.

This [idea of ​​replacing a cat on weighing] was not a prepared, but a forced decision. Which does not justify me in any way, I believe that it is my fault in this situation. I shouldn’t have done this, but, unfortunately, I couldn’t hand over the cat, I didn’t have any moral rights, and I wasn’t offered any other alternative.

Mikhail Galin

Aeroflot passenger and owner of the cat Victor

The situation with the cat and Aeroflot got to the point where journalists asked Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov about this. He did not voice the president’s official position: “I don’t think the Kremlin should and can somehow comment on the situation with the cat on the plane and respond to it.”

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