Apple vice president Phil Schiller calls Chromebook “cheap laptops that students won’t succeed with”

According to him, devices are popular in colleges only because of the low price.

Phil Schiller, Apple’s presentation Photo Apple

In an interview with CNET, Apple’s vice president of global marketing, Phil Schiller, said Google’s Chromebooks are cheap test tools, but students will not be successful with them. According to him, devices are popular in US colleges because of their low cost, but are not an advanced tool for training.

During an interview, Schiller said that MacBooks are popular with college students. In response, the journalist asked how Apple’s vice president relates to the fact that the Chromebook captured the US education sector.

Schiller said the company conducted a study of education to understand the role of technology in learning and concluded that interested children learn best. According to him, in order to interest children, we need advanced technologies that are not in the Chromebook.

Children who truly learn and want to learn do better than others. It’s easy to understand why children are not interested in learning without the use of technologies that inspire them. For children to achieve better results, you need these advanced learning tools.

But Chromebooks can’t handle it. Frankly, Chromebooks got into classes just because they are cheap tools for compulsory testing. If all you want to do is test the children, then yes, maybe a cheap laptop can handle it. But they [children] are unlikely to succeed.

Phil schiller

Apple vice president of global marketing

After that, Schiller separately clarified on Twitter that the meaning of his statement was that children need to not only take tests, but also receive content, training programs and special tools for learning and development.

“Each child has the opportunity to succeed – helping them in this has always been our mission. 
In full conversation with CNET, we discussed the issue of providing children and teachers with the content, curriculum, and tools they need to learn, study, and develop. 
Not just for passing tests.

As noted on CNBC, 60% of all laptops and tablets that American educational institutions purchase for children in grades 1-12 are Chromebooks. Apple’s share of educational devices in the US is 18%.

HP Chromebook 14, which will cost $ 269 Photo by The Verge

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