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Adidas justified the flipped flag on the form of the Russian national football team. The media wrote about the refusal of players to play it

The company did this on purpose so that the colors fit in the correct tricolor when the fans raise their hands after the goal.

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Adidas responded to criticism of the uniform of the Russian national football team with an inverted national flag on its sleeves. According to Interfax, the company called this arrangement of flowers special – for raising hands in victorious moments.

The colors of the Russian national flag are a key element in the design of the new form. They line up the flag of the Russian Federation with the hands of football players and fans raised, triumphing at the time of a goal scored. Our task was precisely to make the flag look right at the moment of victory.

from adidas statement

The manufacturer created several forms for the teams using this template. In the case of the German national team, the company arranged the colors in the correct order.

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The Russian team showed a new form on November 7. The presentation was attended by players Alexei Miranchuk, Rifat Zhemaletdinov, Vladislav Ignatiev, Guillerme and Zelimkhan Bakaev. It was originally planned that the players would play in their new form the last two matches in the qualifying stage of the European Championship 2020 – against Belgium and San Marino – and will play in it in the final part of the tournament. However, later, the RFU announced that the team will remain in the old form at least until the end of the selection.

On November 12, the Mutko vs Telegram channel, without indicating a source, said that the players refused to play in a new form. Journalist Igor Rabiner explained that in fact, the players did not protest against the form and the decision was made in the RFU. In a conversation with Kommersant, the representative of Adidas CIS Nikolay Petrosyan indicated that the form was developed in accordance with the terms of reference and the manufacturer provided samples before the presentation.

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