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VKontakte will launch its own media, donations, dislikes and thematic tapes with a “custom edition”. Here is Everything you need to know

The social network also revised the verification - now a checkmark can be received by a local-known musician or institution.

VKontakte held VK Content Day and talked about upcoming social network updates, including a new verification system, dislikes for comments, and a donation system. All changes were reported by correspondents who attended the event.

Thematic ribbons

Press service of VKontakte

Until the end of 2019, VKontakte will launch thematic tapes, where records on specific topics will be collected. This section will be supervised by the participants of the “open edition” – there active users of the social network, experts in their field will get there. They will vote for or against publications. Recruitment of experts will begin in the community “VKontakte with the authors.”


Press service of VKontakte

The social network introduces VK Donut – monthly donations to communities. In response, the authors will be able to provide those who have signed up, early access to the recordings, announce private meetings, arrange raffles. And small businesses will be able to conduct closed sales and promotions. At the start, VKontakte will take a commission from such donates – 5%, in the future it can be reviewed. VKontakte does not name the exact launch date.

New verification system

Press service of VKontakte

VKontakte has changed the verification system: small institutions or local artists will be able to get a check. “Now the verification mark will only confirm that the page is official: it is being run by real representatives, not fans or intruders,” they said on social networks. Verification will be possible in the settings, confirming fame at the local level.


In early 2020, VKontakte will launch dislikes for comments. Judging by the screenshots, the final comment rating will be displayed, and not two different values.

Own media

VKontakte will also launch its own publication, Focus. It will appear as a group and will also be displayed on a tab in the “Interesting” section of the mobile application. “Focus” will talk about the social network and what is happening around it.


In 2019, VKontakte will allow all communities to publish stories. They will be grouped in a separate block, but the user can transfer pages interesting for him to the main block.


In addition, the social network has updated invitations to events. Now administrators will be able to send them in parts. The organizer will be able to send new ones if he receives a response to previously sent ones.

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