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In “VKontakte” will appear dislikes to comments

They will be introduced in early 2020.

“VKontakte” will allow to put dislikes on the comments of other users. Now, next to the messages, two evaluation buttons will be displayed – positive and negative. This was reported by correspondents from the VK Content Day event.

VKontakte promised later to tell in detail about this innovation. There is a similar function on YouTube, you cannot set dislikes for comments in other social networks.

In 2019, many social networks began to refuse to display likes: Instagram will begin to test this feature in the United States, having previously tested it in other countries, Facebook is testing hiding likes in Australia, VKontakte also talked about testing this feature in August.

Initially, the publication reported that dislikes will appear at the end of 2019, VKontakte clarified that they plan to launch this feature in early 2020.

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