In Canada, they shot Tesla without a driver who was driving in the oncoming lane

Robots are breaking too.

In a parking lot in Canadian Richmond, they shot a Tesla without a driver, driving along the oncoming lane. The car drove out of the parking lot at the shopping center, but was on the wrong side of the road. This was reported by CBC.

Apparently, the owner of the car activated the Smart Summon function, which allows Tesla to leave the parking lot and drive to the driver on his own if he is within a radius of 60 meters.

As noted by the publication, in British Columbia has not yet decided on the status of autonomous driving. According to the statement of the local Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, cars without drivers are prohibited on provincial roads and are not covered by insurance.

Tesla explained that the responsibility for injuries when using Smart Summon lies with the owners of the machines. According to the note on the software update for the cars, drivers should keep an eye on Tesla at the “call”, as she “cannot recognize all the obstacles”.

Tesla launched Smart Summon in September 2019. Car owners almost immediately began to abuse the function, trying to make the car move themselves and break the rules.

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