Goldman Sachs proposes revision of credit limits for Apple Card after allegations of sexism

The bank claims that the algorithms do not take into account the gender of the client, but the limit can be increased if desired.

Goldman Sachs will revise credit limits for Apple Card after allegations of sexism in evaluating male and female clients. Customers will be able to ask for an increase in the chat limit with bank support in the Wallet application. This was stated by General Director of the consumer division of Goldman Sachs Keiri Halio.

Halio reiterated that Goldman Sachs does not consider gender or marital status when issuing an Apple Card. She also explained that the bank works with a third-party contractor to avoid unfair separation in the issuance of loans.

We have never made and will not make decisions based on factors such as gender. In fact, we don’t even know your gender or marital status when applying for an Apple Card.

from Carey Halio on Twitter

According to Halio, card limits are more dependent on individual credit history. For example, the decision may be affected by the applicant’s existing cards, which are drawn up as additional to the spouses’ main account.

As the general manager of Goldman Sachs noted, in most cases, customers who already had credit cards issued to their spouses’ accounts complained about the low limit. Because of this, they could get a credit card with a limited limit.

Moreover, if customers believe that their credit line does not correspond with the real credit history, then they may require a review. To do this, just contact the chat with employees in the Wallet application. Revision of the available balance may take up to 30 days.

Ruby on Rails creator David Hansson, who accused the company of sexism, was unhappy with Goldman Sachs’ response. He called him a mockery and demanded “stop.”

You have not heard anything. “We understand your fears, but that’s why they are wrong, and we are right” – they didn’t “hear” this. Is a mockery. Please just stop.

David Hansson

In early November, Hansson and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak accused the Apple Card of sexism. The reason was the credit limits on the cards of their wives, which turned out to be 10 times less than that of male spouses.

After that, New York authorities promised to check the Apple Card. At the same time, Hansson’s wife automatically increased the limit after resonating on Twitter.

Apple introduced the Apple Card on March 25th. It is a virtual credit card that works through the pre-installed Wallet application. Apple Card works through Goldman Sachs; processing is provided by MasterCard.

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