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Facebook app detected iPhone camera smartphone vulnerability

The social network independently turns on the camera on the device.

Facebook user Joshua Madyuks said that the social network application for iPhone can independently activate the smartphone’s camera. He talked about this on Twitter.

Madjuks found an error while scrolling through the tape. He noticed an error after viewing the picture in the application. During closing, a strip appeared on the left side of the screen through which the device owner’s carpet is visible. The author also emphasized that he additionally tested five more devices on iOS 13.2.2. They showed the same problem. The exception was the iPhone with iOS 12, on which he could not repeat this error.

TNW reporters stressed that the application can start the camera only if the user has given permission to use it in the application. In other cases, iOS blocks Facebook attempts to launch the camera. Also, the publication staff could not reproduce the error on Android.

The publication noted that those who wish can withdraw permission to use the camera in the application, but emphasized that this may interfere with the work of Facebook.

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