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The animal shelter in the United States put the cat in a “solitary confinement”, because he constantly released other cats into the wild

In social networks, the cat is called a political prisoner and is required to be released immediately.

Friends For Life Texas Animal Shelter spoke about an unusual case: the organization “sentenced to solitary confinement” a cat nicknamed Quilty. The animal was temporarily isolated, because it repeatedly opened the door and released the rest of the cats into the wild.

A Friends For Life spokesman told Fox News that Quilty had several “nightly promotions” in a row. The center staff came to work in the morning and saw, in the room, only a lot of cats that walked around the office of the shelter, “leaving behind a trail of chaos and destruction.” Usually they are locked in a common room, but surveillance cameras showed that Quilty unlocked the door.

One cat urinated on a mouse pad. Another turned a donation box into a tray. They demolished everything.representative of Friends For Life Center

According to the staff, they tried to somehow prevent Quilty’s actions, but the cat could not be stopped. The center bought a special “children’s castle”, but before installation it “mysteriously disappeared.” Prior to the acquisition of the second castle, Quilti was sent to a “cat prison”. But he did not give up trying to get out of there.

The news about the “recidivist cat” was rated on social networks. They demanded to release the cat there, and the shelter only supported the discussion by releasing themed merchandise #FreeQuilty .

Solitary confinement is an unconstitutional measure. 
And Bernie [Sanders], when he becomes president, will end this. 
This cat is a political prisoner and must be released immediately.

He is not guilty!

Hail Quilti! 
One wild anarchist cat

The center told reporters that they had received many applications for sheltering Quilti. But the organization immediately warns potential owners – the doors to the cat are not afraid.

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