Photo: Artificial Poppies Nest

Workers at the Australian War Memorial noticed the disappearance of flowers from the grave of an unknown soldier. It turned out that one by one the pigeon carried them away to make a nest.

Photo The Australian War Memorial

In early October, employees of the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, pay attention to that bright poppies from the tomb of the unknown soldier lost – not all at once, but one after another.

It took them a while to find out that the doctrine of flowers was a dove, who made a nest in a stained-glass window at a war memorial.

The stained glass window chosen by the bird depicts a wounded soldier, and poppy in Australia, as in some European countries, is a symbol of memory of the victims of the First World War, and the memorial staff found symbolism in this.

They also recalled that pigeon mail was an important communication channel in the war, when other means of communication were unavailable.

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