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Paramount has released a new trailer for the Sonic movie. Character redrawn after criticism in social networks

Now the main character is much more like the original.

Paramount Pictures has released a new movie trailer for the Sonic gaming franchise. In it, the main character appeared in a slightly new image, much closer to the original than before – the blue hedgehog was redrawn after criticism in social networks. The film will be released in Russian rental on February 13.

New Sonic Trailer

Especially the difference between the first and the updated version of Sonic is noticeable in the same scenes. This was noticed in social networks.

“I think Paramount Pictures fixed Sonic”

“The difference between Sonic is crazy.”

Sonic began to be criticized immediately after the appearance of the first poster in December 2018. The concept of the character caused claims, including due to eyes, fur, human legs and thin fingers. A new wave of criticism has appeared with the following posters and trailers. As a result, the producer of “Sonic” admitted that the authors were “screwed up” and promised to update the hero’s design.

Photojacks: Sonic Concept from the upcoming 90s game franchise

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