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Islamic State begins using cows as bombers

They put vests with explosives on two cows and blew them up in an Iraqi village.

The terrorist organization Islamic State began using cows as suicide bombers. It is reported by The New York Times.

Witnesses of the first attempts to use animals for undermining were residents of the village of Al-Islam in Iraq. Police Colonel Ghalib Al-Atiyah told how two cows equipped with demolition vests approached the outskirts of the village. When they were close to the buildings and were blown up. The police said that the damage was done exclusively to buildings: there were no injured people.

Al-Atiya suggested that the Islamic State is looking for new ways to counter it due to a shortage of people. The policeman explained that the number of associates of the organization has seriously decreased after a four-year struggle with the Iraqi and American military.

NYT called the use of cows as suicide bombers a strange strategy, given their price. One animal can cost more than $ 1,200, the publication noted.

Colonel Al-Atiyah emphasized that the attack by IS militants with the help of cows has become indicative. The fact that members of the organization attached explosive devices to cows and sent them to the village means that terrorists can get close enough to go unnoticed and keep them in sight for undermining.

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