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Instagram launched a feature in Brazil to create TikTok format videos

There you can change the speed of the video, add AR effects and music there. Popular videos will fall into a new section.

Instagram has launched a new story format in Brazil – Reels. The function allows you to create TikTok-format videos: 15-second videos to which you can add music, AR-effects, change the playback speed. This was told by TechCrunch.

As in TikTok, when creating videos on Instagram, you can borrow music from other videos. They can be found by hashtags. Or choose audio from the Facebook collection. The final videos can be shared with your subscribers, a list of “best friends” or published in a public section. The most popular videos will be displayed in a special tab.

Instagram director of product management Robbie Stein believes that TikTok deserves gratitude for popularizing this format, but this is a “universal idea.” The function was launched in Brazil, as there are many Instagram users, the inhabitants of this country love music and they are not so obsessed with TikTok.

Video sharing with music overlay is a pretty universal idea that everyone might be interested in using. We focused on how to make this format unique to us.

Robbie Stein

Instagram director of product management

Journalists believe that Reels can compete with TikTok due to the fact that Instagram can share videos, write to other users, and also show their content to a limited number of people.

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