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Czech supermarkets started selling shampoos and shower gels for bottling for the sake of the environment

So that customers do not have to buy a new tank every time.

A snapshot of one of the Reddit pharmacies

Czech supermarkets DM and Rossmann began selling bottled shampoos and shower gels. According to Euronews, this will significantly reduce plastic emissions.

To buy shampoo, visitors must purchase a special plastic bottle for 20 Czech crowns (about 0.8 euros). The machine will separately print the expiration date of the container, which will need to be pasted on it. After that, you can fill the bottle with the necessary shampoo or gel. Once the liquid is over, the buyer can come back with the same bottle and refill it.

According to the publication, if all citizens switch to the use of draft shampoo, this will reduce plastic emissions by five thousand tons per year.

A Rossmann spokeswoman said the company is very pleased with the experiment in the Czech Republic and plans to open similar locations in Hungary. She said that the owners are already redesigning stores.

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