Aeroflot expelled a passenger from the loyalty program because he tricked him into carrying too fat cat

The passenger himself spoke about his tricks in social networks.

Photo by Mikhail Galin

Aeroflot Airlines nullified all bonus miles and excluded Mikhail Galin from the loyalty program, who tricked a cat weighing more than 8 kilograms aboard a Moscow-Vladivostok plane. This was reported by the Moscow News Agency with reference to the carrier’s press service .

Aeroflot recalled that the company adheres to strict discipline regarding all flight rules.

During registration of the transportation of an animal in the cabin for flight SU1702, the passenger intentionally violated the rules. Based on his message on social networks, during the registration period, he replaced a cat weighing more than 8 kg with another similar animal, but weighing 7 kg.

This information is confirmed by recording from surveillance cameras. In connection with the identification of several facts of deliberate violation of the terms of the air carriage agreement, Aeroflot decided to exclude this passenger from the Aeroflot Bonus loyalty program. All miles accumulated for the entire time of participation in the program will be canceled, and the account of the participant will be closed.


Earlier in Runet , the story of how the airline refused to let an overweight cat aboard was violated . He was offered to be sent to a special luggage compartment, the owner did not agree with this – and found a similar cat, with which he registered, and then flew to Vladivostok with his pet.

After his story received a wide response, Mikhail said that he had no complaints against the air carrier, since he “performed his work in accordance with the established rules”.

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