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YouTube will be able to delete “non-commercial sense” accounts

The company updated the terms of the user agreement, but did not explain what it means.

Google will be able to delete accounts on YouTube, if you maintain them become commercially viable, said in terms of the user agreement, which will come into force on 10 December. It drew attention to the publication Mashable.

A new condition has appeared in the section “temporary blocking and deleting an account”, according to which “YouTube may terminate an account’s access to all or part of the service if it considers that providing access to the service does not make commercial sense”. There is no such clause in the current user agreement.

YouTube has started sending out commercial agreement update alerts. In e-mails, the company briefly talked about the new conditions, but kept silent about the paragraph about the “commercial meaning”, emphasize in the publication. Google representatives did not comment on the new rules.

According to Mashable, the condition means that if YouTube does not earn on the user’s account, then it receives the right to delete it. Reddit users launched a 3,000 comment thread, where they tried to figure out the meaning of the condition. Many agreed that such a general wording may apply to content creators who don’t earn money from monetization, as well as to users who use ad blockers.

At the Google support forum, users suggested that the condition may apply to inactive accounts or authors of videos that are not subject to monetization according to the rules of the service.

Content creators who notice the update in the user agreement are worried about the new rule.

YouTube will update the user agreement on December 10, 2019. 
This presents terrible prospects for content creators on the platform. 
Now they will be able to delete your channel if it “does not make commercial sense”

YouTube will update the user agreement on December 10th. 
This literally means that if the channels don’t earn enough money, they can be deleted! 
It seems that I fought to the end, but approached the loss of earnings, interest and audience …

The creators of online content must create a union, otherwise it will never end

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