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The meme “Okay Boomer” captured social networks – they beat the answer to the older generation in old templates and new formats

A popular joke among zoomers and millennials became the main meme of the month.

In social networks, the dismissive phrase “Okay Boomer” is widely used in response to the statements of the older generation. The expression is also actively used in memes – it is inserted into old templates, invent new formats and respond with new jokes to offended boomers.

“Ok, boomer” is used in cases when they do not want to argue with a complaint, argument or claim of a representative of the older generation – baby boomers born in 1945-1964. The phrase has become a universal response to the accusations of the Zoomers (after 1995) and the Millennials (1985-1995) of resentment, laziness or dependence on technology.

Millennials and zoomers massively say “Okay, Boomer.” The phrase has become a universal response to older generation notations .

The joke even went offline – teenagers sell merchandise and do crafts with the phrase, and the 25-year-old New Zealand deputy answered “Ok Boomer” to a senior member of parliament who interrupted her with a mockery of the girl’s age.

The first mention of the phrase has been found on Twitter since 2018 – then “Okay Boomer” responded to politicians criticizing the millennials and representatives of the Z generation. According to Know Your Meme, the first template with the phrase appeared in early 2019, but it is not known how widely it was used .

After the joke gained popularity thanks to the TikTok flash mob of the same name, they began to insert the phrase in old formats in social networks and come up with new jokes about the generational conflict.

“You Won’t Get Pocket Money” / “Okay, Boomer”

You, youth, need to stop not respecting the elders / Youth: “Okay, boomer”

“Boomers and Zoomers”, Ivan Turgenev 

Why do young people say “ok, boomer”? 
/ You can not understand

Boomers: stop saying “Ok Boomer”, this is very insulting / Millennials and Zoomers: “Oh, let me hit F on the smallest keyboard in the world”

“Oh, look, the parrot”, “Oh, look, the parrot” / “Stop copying me”, “Stop copying me” / “Millennials destroy everything”, “Okay, boomer”

“Aren’t you too young to be a roller coaster engineer?” / “Okay, boomer”

Generation Z / Okay Boomer / Millennials

“I’m smart, you’re stupid” / “I’m big, you’re small” / “I’m right, you’re wrong” / “And you can’t do anything about it” / “Okay, boomer”

Soon in memes, the phrase “Okay Boomer” began to be used by characters in video games and films. Young heroes so answered the elders with proud or condescending notations.

“I fought on the side of the primarchs” / “I met in your emperor, and he was not a choir …” / “I am a veteran of the millennium war” / “Ok, boomer”, “Ok, boomer”, “Lol, ok, boomer “

“I do not want to hear a single pop-cultural reference from you to the end of the trip” / “Okay, boomer”

“I worked at your work. 
I coped with it well ”/“ Okay, Boomer ”

“Watch your tongue, man! 
Until our journey is over, one of us must remain on guard. 
Do not confuse my silence with a lack of sorrow ”/“ Okay, Boomer ”

“Stop aiming at the zombie’s head, better aim for a stable career” / “Okay, boomer”

“Kill this child, she is a monster” / “Okay, boomer”

In the part of memes, users beat the insult that the older generation uses in relation to the younger – “ snowflakes ”. It means sensitive people who are easy to offend or offend.

“Zoomers – snowflakes”, children of generation Z / “Okay, boomer”, boomers

“Unlike you snowflakes, it’s not so easy to offend me” / “Okay, boomer” / “Ah? 
Is this one of those memes? ”
Boomers call zoomers snowflakes. 
Boomers call millennials lazy / Generation Z: “Okay, Boomer” / Boomers:

“Generation Z – Dumb” / “Generation Z – Sensitive” / “Okay, Boomer”

After the older generation learned about the memorial phrase, they began to write critical articles. Some claimed that the expression was tantamount to a hate crime or a racist insult. Reddit users began to respond with memes to such critics and mockingly advised “not to cry.”

If you call me a boomer, then you commit a hate crime / Ernie is getting ready to commit a hate crime

“I hope that this trend of“ ok, boomer ”will die soon. 
Last week, strangers called me three times a boomer on the Internet. 
I am 24″. 
/ “Okay, boomer” / Well, don’t cry

The radio host said that “boomer” is a word in the letter “H” from ageism. 
The Internet immediately replied “OK Boomer” / The future has come, old man

“The incredible hatred of the millennials for baby boomers is absolutely not justified” / Cry now?

Boomers complaining about memes about them: “Do you think this is funny?” / Generation Z: 

Maybe the boomers should “get together” and not be offended by “Okay Boomer”

The social networks also remembered what the Boomers blame for the younger generation – supposedly millennials and zoomers spend too much time in phones and computers, smoke vapes and do not play sports. Users recalled that boomers themselves are no better.

Boomers: “Children are now dependent on their phones” / Also, boomers: 

Boomers: “Children need to train more now” / Also boomers: 

Boomers: “You children kill yourself with these vapes” / Also boomers: 

Boomers: “Children now spend all their time on computers” / Also, boomers: 

Boomer: “Why do you constantly make indecent comments?” / Also boomers: jokes a racist joke

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