The Apple Card has been accused of sexism due to different credit limits for men and women. Service will check the authorities of New York

Twitter complained that the program refuses to increase the credit limit for women under equal conditions with men.

The financial services department of New York will launch an audit of Goldman Sachs after complaints about credit limits on the Apple Card, Bloomberg reported . The reason for checking was the tweets of author Ruby on Rails and former race car driver David Hansson and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Hansson tweeted that his wife was denied an increase in the credit limit for the Apple Card. At the same time, Jamie Hansson’s credit history is much better than her husband’s.

Apple Card is such a hell of a sexist program. 
My wife and I pay taxes together, we have equal rights to real estate, we have been married for a long time. 
However, Apple’s biased algorithm believes that I deserve a credit limit 20 times better than it. 
Complaints do not work

Surprisingly, they allowed her to get a card without the written consent of her spouse. Of course, can you trust a woman with a credit card these days ??

Hansson’s claim was joined by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who finally left the company in 1987. He said that he faced the same problem: his wife’s credit limit is 10 times less.

The same thing happened with us. My credit limit is 10 times greater. We do not have separate bank accounts, credit cards or other property. It is difficult to get a person to correct a mistake. These are large technology companies in 2019.

On November 9, a spokeswoman for New York’s financial services department, Linda Lacewell, drew attention to Hansson’s tweet and said the agency would be checking the Apple Card. She told the publication that the program algorithm allegedly violates the laws of the state of New York

Financial service companies are responsible for ensuring that their algorithms unintentionally discriminate against protected groups of individuals. 
New York’s Department of Financial Services

Goldman Sachs said that members of the same family may have different credit lines, and the company never bases its decisions on gender factors. Apple declined to comment on complaints from individual customers.

Hansson said that after the resonance on Twitter, the bank increased the credit limit of his wife, without even asking for any documents: “What can I say if no one can explain to us how decisions are made. Maybe they didn’t want to discriminate against anyone, but the result was just that. 

Let’s summarize: Apple offers credit cards and determines the creditworthiness of customers using a biased algorithm … Six different representatives of Apple and Goldman Sachs do not know how it works. Even people from management. [Conducted] an internal investigation. THIS IS JUST AN ALGORITHM!

No one understands the ALGORITHM. No one has the power to check the ALGORITHM. At the same time, everyone with whom we spoke from Apple and Goldman Sachs are ABSOLUTELY SURE that the ALGORITHM is unbiased and cannot discriminate. This is some kind of higher level of cognitive dissonance.

In March 2019, Apple introduced the Apple Card service with its own credit card. A card that allows you to make purchases using the Apple payment system on more favorable terms and receive cashback for them became available in the US in August.

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