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Instagram forbidden to speak about the policy content authors to IGTV, production of which pays the company

At the same time, Zuckerberg stands for freedom of speech - political advertising is allowed on Facebook.

Content authors who receive money from Instagram for shooting video for IGTV, in the commercials for the service, undertake not to talk about “social problems, elections or politics”. This was reported by Bloomberg, which gained access to a copy of the contract.

Sources of the publication reported that this condition bothered content authors and inflensers, to whom the company offered to shoot videos for IGTV.

A Facebook spokesman said that in recent years, the company has put forward certain rules for the authors whose content they produce: “We believe that there is a significant difference between allowing political content on our platform and financing it.”

According to the publication, Instagram offers thousands of dollars to cover the cost of producing a video, in exchange for a certain number of posts. The source said that the company has already concluded dozens of transactions. At the same time, Instagram does not pay authors in excess of the cost of producing a video.

The largest contract value exceeded 250 thousand dollars (more than 16 million rubles) for 20 posts. There are other restrictions in the contract – third parties should not sponsor the production of videos, videos should not be advertised on other platforms, including YouTube, and it is forbidden to draw.

In October, the head of Facebook announced that he remained committed to the principles of freedom of speech, so Facebook allowed political advertising. At the same time, contracts for the creation of video for IGTV contradict this principle, prohibiting political statements, the newspaper notes.

The IGTV video service launched in June 2018 as a competitor to YouTube. By the beginning of 2019, many celebrities registered on Instagram had never published a single video in it.

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