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US doctors confirm the first successful transplant of a fully functional penis

A year after the operation, the organ has taken root and is working.

The United States confirmed the success of the first transplant of the penis and scrotum, which was carried out in 2018. The organ remained healthy and fully functioning a year after the operation. This is stated in the report of the researchers who conducted the operation.

Doctors said that a veteran from the USA who received a penis and scrotum has “almost normal erections” and that he can achieve an orgasm. In addition, a man can now use the toilet without additional difficulties.

According to the report, the veteran received “serious improvements” in the quality of life. According to the researchers, after the transplant, the man’s self-perception improved and he again “felt whole”. In a conversation with scientists, the veteran said that he was very pleased with the transplant and the consequences that it carries for his future.

In April 2018, the first successful transplant of a penis and scrotum was performed at Johns Hopkins Hospital in the United States . Bodies received an anonymous veteran of the war in Afghanistan, who blew up on a makeshift bomb and lost both legs, part of the abdomen and genitals.

The transplant operation lasted 14 hours. It was performed by two urological surgeons and nine plastic surgeons. Doctors received a whole penis from the deceased donor, a scrotum without testes, and part of the abdominal wall.

After the operation, the veteran told The New York Times that he had lost a relationship due to an injury. According to him, he felt like he was “alone with himself for the rest of his life.”

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