Reddit user creates “giant” version of AirPods that plays music

You can kill with such an earphone.

The Reddit user, under the pseudonym Master_Aar17, created a 25-centimeter copy of the AirPods earphone, which on the side looks like a small club. He assembled an earpiece from improvised materials and demonstrated his work by including the Beatles song

Headphone Master_Aar17 can only play music and does not support other functions of these AirPods. For example, according to the giant version, you can’t tap to switch the track or pause music.

The user explained that he was not going to sell the giant version or to produce it on an ongoing basis. According to him, when trying to sell the device, he may have problems due to Apple. Master_Aar17 noted that several people asked to buy a “giant Airpod”, so he published an assembly diagram for everyone.

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