MIT taught a flock of Mini Cheetah robotic dogs to do back flips and play soccer synchronously

Leather bags should worry about medals at the Olympics.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has published a video test of nine four-legged Mini Cheetah robots that march, synchronously do somersaults, hide in foliage and play with a soccer ball. The video was shot near the MIT campus.

“Very cool, especially the way they get to their feet after being turned onto their backs. When they appear on the streets, we will know that our days are numbered ”

“Hello, is this the main screenwriter of Black Mirror? 
I have an idea for you. ”

“For the umpteenth time I’m saying, Terminator was a documentary”

“What could go wrong?”

“It’s always wonderful to watch in the fall how new students arrive at MIT, turn over, learn by the method of back propagation of error and wrap themselves in leaves”

Researchers are not the first to demonstrate the skills of Mini Cheetah. Back in March, MIT published a video with a robot and said that it weighs 9 kilograms and runs at a speed of up to 9 kilometers per hour – twice as fast as the average person’s walking speed. Then, at the university , they noted that they created Mini Cheetah for the most part for experimenting: “It is very easy to try crazy things with it, because it is very reliable and does not break so easily.”

MIT has not yet announced commercial plans for the Mini Cheetah, while Boston Dynamics began selling the four-legged Spot robot in late September.

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