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In the United States, the outgoing life sentence has suffered a clinical death and now wants to get out of prison: he served up to the “end of life”

The judges called the "dead man" appeal "controversial" and dismissed it.

Benjamin Schreiber Prison Snapshot

In the US state of Iowa, a life sentencer claims to have served his sentence since he suffered a clinical death. But the courts of two instances refused his release. This was reported by The New York Times.

Benjamin Schreiber (Benjamin Schreiber) believes that he has fulfilled his obligations to the state. He was resuscitated against his will, so he should be released. While still in prison, he signed a statement asking him not to save his life. But doctors ignored this, as well as the request of relatives not to do resuscitation. In 1997, he was convicted of the murder of a 39-year-old man.

The judge stated that Schreiber is either alive and must be in prison or dead, then his appeal is “controversial.” The concept of “life” is not defined by the state code, so the court ruled that a man should spend the rest of his natural life in custody, regardless of whether he was resurrected.

This is not the first time prisoners want to leave prison on the basis of clinical death. In 1988, Jerry Rosenberg (Jerry Rosenberg) appealed to the court with a similar request. They refused him, because he did not die legally, otherwise he would not have been at the meeting. Lawyers believe that if people are considered legally dead before they are reanimated, this will create many problems, including with insurance.

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