China announces plans to send man to Mars after setting up bases on the moon

NASA has not yet officially announced a manned flight to Mars.

China will send taikonauts to Mars after a manned lunar mission. On Earth’s satellite, the Chinese authorities intend to lay the scientific and technological basis for flights to the red planet. This was reported by the China Daily newspaper with reference to the Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, owned by the PRC government.

The company said in a statement that the moon will be the starting point of China on its way to Mars. On the Earth’s satellite, scientists are going to conduct the necessary experiments for manned flights into deep space beyond the moon. This is the first official announcement of the Martian program of the PRC.

We will create bases on the Moon for scientific research, expanding the inhabited space of mankind and gain experience and expertise for expeditions into deep space beyond the limits of the Moon. The long-term goal is to send people to Mars.

from the CASTC statement

According to researcher Pang Zhihao (Pang Zhihao), the Chinese manned launch to Mars can happen no earlier than 2050. The scientist believes that a manned round-trip flight will take more than 500 days, and scientists have yet to solve problems like reducing bone density, the influence of cosmic radiation and changes in mental state due to a long flight.

The “first stop” on the way to Mars for China will be an expedition to the moon in the late 2020s. In October, Chinese authorities introduced the next-generation ship, which they plan to use to deliver taikonauts to and from the Earth’s satellite.

NASA has not yet officially announced plans for a manned flight to Mars. According to an independent report by the agency, an orbital manned mission to Mars can take place no earlier than 2037 without taking into account the need for serious technological development, schedule delays, cost overruns or budget deficit risks.

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