Adobe showed a tool to automatically create animations from videos in After Effects

It is enough to record the movements on the camera - the program itself will translate them into animation.

Adobe showed a preview version of the feature for After Effects, which makes it easy to create 2D animations. The tool collects data on human movements in the video and allows you to turn them into animation.

The program tracks the movement of 18 points throughout the body, including arms, torso and legs. At the output, the tool produces ready-made data for animation.

While the tool is working in experimental mode using the machine learning platform Adobe Sensei. She was trained to recognize body points in more than 10 thousand manually selected images.

In addition to the key points of human movement, the function creates an outline mask around the body. This will allow you to use the tool not only for animation, but for manipulating the background image when you need to leave the person in the frame unchanged.

The function will simplify the work of animators and computer graphics specialists. They can not manually animate the movements, but take the movement from the finished video as a basis.

At the same time, After Effects already has third-party plugins that simplify working with animations. For example, Duik Bassel allows you to automatically animate humanoid characters and create walking cycles.

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