US residents massively complained about receiving “phantom” SMS, which they sent 9 months ago

The senders did not know that their messages arrived just now.

In the early morning hours of November 7, many U.S. residents received SMS congratulations on Valentine’s Day in 2019. Messages arrived with a delay of nine months – the recipients saw them for the first time. This was noticed by The Verge.

As the journalists noted, the senders did not know that the messages did not reach the senders immediately and did not do anything to resend them on November 7th. The problem affected the owners of the iPhone and Android, who used the services of both major operators in the USA like T-Mobile and Verizon, as well as regional providers. Users of Canadian operators and Google Voice also complained about the delay in message delivery.

Sprint told reporters that the operator carried out the update on the night of November 7, and the problem was fixed immediately after its appearance. T-Mobile blamed the third-party contractor for the failure, but did not mention the specific name and service for which it was responsible. The operators did not explain why the message to Valentine’s Day was not delivered immediately and that caused a delay.

In most complaints on social networks, users discuss how strange the situation turned out: those who sent messages were not aware that they had arrived just now, and the recipients took them for a fresh correspondence. But some failed to seriously scare – users received messages from deceased friends and acquaintances.

“I just got a message from my best friend’s phone. 
The only problem is that she’s dead since February. “

California resident Barbara Call told The Verge that she received a message from her sister saying that their mother is in a good mood and feels great. She realized that the message was old because the woman’s mother died in June 2019. Sister Call also received a response message from her with a delay of 9 months, it said that Barbara was going to come to her mother.

I did not stop thinking about this message from the moment I received it. Now I am looking at the ocean because I need a break.Barbara Call

The girl under the pseudonym PBandJamie said that she received a message from an ex-boyfriend. According to her, it was strange, but she was glad that the message allowed to have a short conversation with the young man.

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