U.S. policeman calling to start an investigation announces resignation

Three weeks ago he was found asleep in his own car near the house.

Chicago Police Chief Eddie Johnson announced his resignation. He stated that he was proud of the work done, but now it was time to “retreat”. This was reported by NBC with reference to a policeman.

It is time for someone else to attach four stars to their shoulders. These stars can sometimes be felt as the weight of the whole world.

Eddie johnson Chapter

Johnson announced his resignation three weeks after the incident when he was found asleep in a car on the road near the house. Then the policeman was woken up, but did not conduct an alcohol test.

He later stated that on that day he had forgotten to take medicine for high blood pressure and fainted while driving. The policeman called for an investigation against himself.

Commenting on the resignation, Johnson said that the work took away his health, family and friends. He first spoke with the mayor of his resignation in September, and the last straw was a short vacation with his family in London.

[Vacation] made me feel normal and I saw them [family] and how they miss me at such moments.
Eddie johnson

Johnson led the second largest city police in the United States, consisting of 13.5 thousand officers. Over the past three and a half years, under his command, police have fought the high homicide rate that Chicago is known for.

The city ended 2018 with 565 killings – almost 100 killings less than a year earlier and 200 less than in 2016. Despite the decrease in the number of crimes, according to statistics, Chicago is still far ahead of other major US cities: in New York in 2018, 295 murders occurred , and in Los Angeles – 259.

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