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Twitter will launch subscriptions on topics: selection of tweets for Topics will deal with the algorithm

The company believes that this will help users to open new accounts for themselves.

November 13, Twitter will launch Topics – subscriptions to topics for which tweets will be selected by the algorithm and appear in the general stream. This was told by The Verge.

At the start, 300 topics will be available, including sports, games and entertainment. There will be no politics in Topics: the company wants to start to refine the algorithm. They are sure that the innovation will make the platform more attractive for new users and will help in opening new accounts for themselves. The fewer accounts the user has subscribed to, the more they will see tweets from Topics.

Topics will get accounts that are often written on a particular topic. The algorithm also takes into account likes and reposts from publications. The more the subscribers of the account interact with the tweet, the higher the likelihood that other users will like it. Topics is not yet able to work with photos and videos, there is no selection page either yet – you have to manually search for topics.

The Verge journalist, who tested Topics, said that he had originally seen tweets from “obvious” accounts, but after a few days he began to receive a more relevant and useful collection of profiles with profiles that he had not subscribed to.

Topics began testing in August on Android smartphones. Then it was possible to follow only sports topics.

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