James Dean, who died 60 years ago, will be “resurrected” using graphics for a film about Vietnam

This will be the first role for the actor since 1956.

James dean

Actor James Dean will appear in the movie about the Vietnam War, Finding Jack 60 years after his death. The studio will recreate it in the form of a digital double using computer graphics. This was reported by The Hollywood Reporter with reference to the production company Magic City Films.

As the publication found out, the picture will unfold during the Vietnam War. The film tells about 10 thousand military dogs that were used in the war, and then abandoned. James Dean will play the “second major role.”

The company Magic City Films, responsible for the production of the painting, received the right to use the image of Dean from his family. Film directors Anton Ernst and Tati Naked told THR that they intend to recreate a realistic version of James Dean on the screen.

To do this, two visual effects studios were involved in the project: the Canadian Imagine Engine, which worked on large projects such as Marvel films and the South African MOI Worldwide, known for TV shows and commercials. Dean’s body will be completely recreated using graphics, and his replicas will be voiced by another actor.

As Ernst explained, the authors were looking for a leading role among famous and little-known artists. However, after months of searching, they chose James Dean.

As noted at The Verge, the reason for choosing Dean for the role is unclear. There are many live actors in the world that would be easier to use for filming, and the film’s budget is a modest $ 40.5 million. Probably, in this way the studio wants to draw attention to the release, and the role of the recreated Dean may not be too significant.

This is not the first time that Hollywood studios have “revived” actors using computer graphics. The most famous incident occurred in 2015 with “Fast and the Furious 7”, when actor Paul Walker died in a car accident, not having time to reach the picture. The actor’s face was recreated with the help of graphics and laid on his brother Caleb. In total, the studio used a digital double in 260 frames.

After that, with the help of visual effects, Peter Cushing, who died in 1994, was returned to the screens. He was recreated for his role in Rogue One. Star Wars Tales.

Stages of Recreating Peter Cushing for Star Wars

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