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California Attorney General in court demanded Facebook information on Cambridge Analytica – social network ignores requests 1.5 years

The company was accused of refusing to cooperate with the investigation.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra appealed to the Supreme Court to obtain Cambridge Analytica and other data leaks from Facebook. He said that the social network did not respond to formal requests from investigators for a year and a half. This was reported to CNBC with reference to a Beckerra press conference.

The Prosecutor General believes that the Supreme Court will oblige the company to provide papers on leaks and correspondence of employees requested by investigators. According to Beckerra, going to court was an extreme measure: he noted that this would not have happened if the social network had responded to requests.

As the California Attorney General added, Facebook did not transmit or even begin to search for documents related to Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook Operations Director Cheryl Sandberg. According to Beckerra, the announcement had to be made publicly, because the social network “had no choice”.

California District Attorneys, the FBI, and the SEC have launched Facebook investigations in the spring of 2018. The reason was the repeated leakage of user data, mainly due to the Cambridge Analytica case . The company obtained information from 87 million people and used it to manipulate public opinion during the 2016 U.S. elections and the referendum on Britain’s exit from the EU.

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