Apple has launched Apple TV + streaming service. In Russia, almost all shows are without dubbing, but with subtitles

At the start, eight original designs are available.

Apple has launched Apple TV + streaming service in more than 100 countries, including Russia. It is available through the Apple TV app or

By subscribing to Apple TV +, eight original projects are available, including See, Morning Show, and For All Humanity. The service does not have a catalog of third-party films and TV shows.

At the start of the service, almost all the series did not receive Russian voice acting, only Russian-language subtitles. The only exception was the children’s show “Helpers”.

Apple is about to add one original movie or series per month. At the same time, they will not always go out all at once, like on Netflix: for example, the drama “Dickinson” immediately got 10 episodes, and the “Morning Show”, “See” and “For the Sake of Humanity” – only the first three episodes. The rest of the series will be released once a week on Fridays.

Subscription to Apple TV + in Russia is 199 rubles per month, 7 trial days will be free. When purchasing any new Apple device with support for current iOS, tvOS or macOS from September 10, users receive a year of service as a gift if they activate the subscription within three months from November 1.

One subscription can be divided into six family members, TV shows are available for download and viewing offline in the application. Apple TV + is available both on Apple devices in the TV application and on for third-party devices.

What projects are available at the start of Apple TV +

  • “See” is a post-apocalypse with Jason Momoa and Alfrey Woodard. The action takes place in the distant future after 600 years, where the mysterious virus destroyed most of humanity, and the survivors were permanently blind. Having lost their sight, people learn to live in a new world for them without the usual colors;
  • The Morning Show is a television backstage drama with Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston in the lead roles;
  • Dickinson is a black comedy about the problems of growing up, family and gender in a conservative society through the eyes of a young American rebel poet Emily Dickinson;
  • “For the sake of all mankind” – a series of the show runner of the “Star cruiser Galaxy” about an alternative story where the space race never stopped, and the Soviet Union first landed on the moon;
  • “Helpers” – a children’s series from the creators of “Sesame Street”;
  • “Snoopy in space” – an animated series about Snoopy’s adventures on the way to his cherished dream: to become an astronaut;
  • “Ghost Messages” is a story about four children who were united by the mystery of an unknown creature from a bookstore: together they have to rescue heroes of various works from captivity;
  • The Queen of the Elephants is a documentary series about the ups and downs of the life of giants that are on the verge of extinction. Mother Elephant and her magnificent herd are experiencing joys and losses in the vastness of the African savannah;
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