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25-year-old MP from New Zealand responded with a meme “Okay Boomer” to ridicule the senior MP over her age

A spokeswoman for the Green Party read a speech on climate change when she was interrupted.

New Zealand MP, 25-year-old Chlöe Swarbrick, read a climate change speech when she was interrupted by a senior MP, to which the girl replied “Ok Boomer” and calmly continued her speech. It is reported by CNN.

The Green Party MP spoke of the need to pass a law that would reduce carbon emissions to zero in the country by 2050. She stated that climate change will affect her generation. “In 2050 I will be 56 years old. But now the average age of representatives of this parliament is 49 years, ”said Suorbrick before she was interrupted.

In social networks, the replica of the deputy was called disrespectful . Suorbrick commented on the incident on her Facebook: “Today I found out that a short joke in response to someone who laughed at your age while you talk about the impact of climate change on your generation annoys some people.”

The deputy explained to Stuff that the phrase “ok, boomer” personifies “just collective fatigue”. She emphasized that she was tired of hearing that the millennials had destroyed everything, and they needed to pull themselves together. Suorbrik noted that “it is impossible to win a dispute with a party with such opposing views,” so this energy is “easier to channel in a different direction.”

In a live broadcast of the deputy’s speech, instead of “Okay, Boomer”, “Okay, Berma” was displayed. Later, they apologized for the mistake on the parliament ’s official twitter : “Obviously, we need to hold me-briefings for everyone in the office.”

The phrase “Okay Boomer”, representing the rebellion against the older generation, gained popularity in social networks in late October. With this expression, millennials and representatives of generation Z respond to teachings, condescending attitudes or attacks of people over 30 years of age.

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