Netflix will allow viewers to skip trump jokes about Seth Myers’ new stand-up. There will be a special button for this

The comedian called for taking care of the audience, who are tired of politics, but I’m sure that in fact no one will press the button.

On November 5, Netflix released a new stand-up concert by comedian and television host Seth Myers. During the viewing, viewers will have the opportunity to press a special button to skip the section with jokes about Donald Trump, CNN reports .

Although Trump is one of Myers’ favorite jokes, he turned to Netflix to take care of viewers who are tired of politics. It occurred to him, because the site already has a similar button – to skip the intro to the series.

Netflix noted that they were happy to support Myers’ idea and use the capabilities of the service in such a “funny and innovative way.”

Myers emphasized that he wasn’t tired of the politician himself, but “some politicians” were tired, and he called the “skip” button in his standup “another joke”. He thinks that in fact the audience will not press it: “Sometimes in a trendy restaurant a plate is decorated with parsley. You think: “Well, that’s a nice touch.” But you will not eat parsley. “

In an evening show on NBC, Seth Myers constantly makes fun of Donald Trump. He joked about him even before he became president: in 2011, at a dinner at the White House, Myers, along with Barack Obama, who was then the president of the United States, ridiculed Trump’s possible political ambitions.

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