Mozilla default deny pop pushah requests from sites in the desktop version of Firefox in 2020 year

No more "do you want to receive notifications?" When you first visit the site.

Mozilla will change the handling of web push pop-up notifications from sites in the desktop version of Firefox. From January 2020, the browser will stop showing them, and the subscription window will need to be activated manually. This is stated on the Mozilla blog.

The innovation will appear in the 72nd version of Firefox, which they are going to release in January 2020. The browser will stop showing pop-ups asking you to subscribe to web push: instead, users will have to manually call the form by clicking on the button next to the URL and agree to notifications

How requests will work after updating Firefox Mozilla image

As explained in Mozilla, this decision was made after the results of the study, which showed how unpopular such notifications are with users. According to company statistics, 99% of users do not accept these notifications, and 48% refuse web pushing. The study also found that repeated requests to subscribe to notifications rarely make users change their minds.

As noted on ZDNet, browser notifications not only annoy users, but are also often used by malicious sites to download viruses or display ads. One of the experts polled by the site explained that “spam notifications” has become the main source of user complaints, replacing advertising programs.

Despite the fact that the innovation will appear only in the January update, in the 70 version of Firefox added small changes to combat notifications. When visiting a site that wants to ask about web pushing, the answer “not now” was replaced by “never” and when it is selected, the site will no longer be able to ask about it again.

Mozilla was the first company to announce plans to deal with default notifications. Google is just experimenting with the same feature in Chrome.

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