Google News adds bilingual support

"Oh, you are from England."

Google has added support for two languages ​​in the News aggregator application instead of one. So the company wants to reach 60% of the global audience that speaks and reads in two or more languages. This is stated on the Google blog.

After updating the News application, users can add a second language to the settings and switch between news in different languages. As planned by the company, this will help people who just moved to another country and want to read news from their homeland, as well as those who live in territories where they speak several languages.

In the new version, users can also read news in different languages ​​at the same time – notes will be formed in a single feed. Google explained that the update will not affect personalization settings, and news in another language will correspond to the interests of users.

English and Hindi Tape

So far, bilingual support has appeared only in the mobile version. In the desktop version, the service still allows you to select only one language. The new feature has earned for users from 141 countries and supports 41 languages ​​on iOS and Android.

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