8chan has earned again: the site was renamed to 8kun and launched on Russian servers, but with new rules

The shooter manifests were published on the imageboard, which is why Cloudflare stopped its service in August.

The 8chan website, which was discontinued in August, was renamed 8kun and launched on Russian servers. But with the new rules – now you can’t publish information that is considered prohibited in the United States. This was told by Vice , Business Insider and the Washington Post .

Journalists felt that the new name is an attempt to show that the site is “growing up”: in Japanese, the suffix chan usually refers to a child, and kun to a young person. Some subforums have already been moved to the new site, but not including / pol / – shooters’ manifestos were published there, including Brenton Tarrant, who launched a terrorist attack in New Zealand and killed 51 people.

Shooting in New Zealand as the most documented attack in the history of social networks 

They tried to restart the site several times. On November 3, it started on Selectel servers, after which the former project owner Fredrik Brennan, who left the management in 2016, asked the provider to block access, which happened. After the site was launched again, already on the VDSina servers, but this provider also blocked the resource. Now the imageboard works on the servers of Media Land, whose resources are used to host illegal projects. 8kun administrator Ron Watkins said the site is under attack. The company that provides the site with protection is not surprised by this, they thought there would be more attacks.

Q – an anonym who stopped writing on 8chan even before it was closed, posted a link to a video with a flying flag on a new site. Q is known as the author of one of the conspiracy theories; he wrote about Donald Trump’s plans to arrest the leadership of the Democratic Party.

On August 5, Cloudflare discontinued 8chan service. The imageboard has repeatedly established itself as a cesspool of hatred, “said the then CEO of Cloudflare

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