US authorities have promised Huawei to provide exceptions for work in the United States “in the near future”

There is no talk of the complete lifting of sanctions.

The US Department of Commerce will approve most US applications for work with Huawei. Exceptions will be provided “very soon.” This was told by the head of the US Department of Commerce Wilbur Ross (Wilbur Ross) in an interview with Bloomberg.

According to him, since the restrictions came into force, the agency has received 260 applications from US companies to work with Huawei. This turned out to be more than expected at the Ministry of Commerce. The authorities intend to approve “quite a few” of them, but companies have warned that they will not receive all the licenses.

Ross did not name the specific companies that applied. As noted on Engadget, Google is more interested in easing restrictions, which cannot provide Huawei with a new version of Android.

Huawei has been on the blacklist of the US Department of Commerce since May 2019. Because of this, the company cannot release new smartphones on Android, but so far it can support old ones on the current version of the system.

U.S. authorities almost immediately after the introduction of restrictions granted Huawei a temporary license for 90 days to work with American companies. In August, it was extended until November 18.

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