McDonald’s CEO dismissed due to relationship at workplace will receive six salaries

He was paid $ 1.35 million monthly.

McDonald’s will pay six salaries to former CEO Steve Easterbrook, who left the company due to workplace relationships. It is reported by The Wall Street Journal, citing a statement from the company.

The company did not name the exact amount of payments, but Easterbrook earned $ 15.9 million in 2018. His base salary was $ 1.35 million per month. Chris Kempinski, who was appointed to his place, will be paid $ 1.25 million monthly.

McDonald’s also said that a few days after Easterbrook left the company, David Fairhurst, vice president of human resources, left the company without talking about the reasons for his dismissal. But the company does not associate this with the dismissal of Easterbrook.

CEO of “McDonald’s” has left the company because of the relationship at the work place

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