Apple will launch a subscription to new iPhones on the Apple Card in the United States without interest for 24 months

Prior to this, new iPhones in this way were usually bought through mobile operators.

Apple Card Photo Business Insider

Apple will launch a program to purchase new iPhones by subscribing through an Apple Card credit card. Cardholders can get the device right away, and pay for it without interest for 24 months. This was stated by Apple CEO Tim Cook during the announcement of the results of the fourth fiscal quarter.

The program is intended for users who often update their iPhone to the latest model, but do not want to contact their operator to buy it by subscription. With an Apple Card, they can get the device without interest, and according to the terms of the card, the company will return another 3% of the cost by cashback.

As TechCrunch noted , this may be the first serious step to Apple’s own subscription, which will include several services at the same price. For example, iCloud, Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple News +, and Apple Arcade.

The company has already begun experimenting with merged subscriptions by announcing the Apple Music and Apple TV + packages at the same price for students. Apple will also offer Apple TV + along with new devices for free for one year.

In the US and some other countries, Apple has long been offering different options for buying iPhones. For example, through the iPhone Upgrade program, which also assumes 0% per annum, but may include a commission.

Apple introduced the Apple Card service in March 2019. Its main features for the United States were the ability to issue a card through the Wallet application, the absence of interest or commissions and a cashback.

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