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Twitter will ban all political advertising in the service

The head of the company believes that politicians should deserve an audience, not buy it.

Twitter will ban all political advertising on the platform worldwide. The new rules will come into effect on November 22, their detailed conditions promised to be published on November 15. This chapter of Twitter Jack Dorsey said in a series of tweets.

As the CEO and founder of the service noted, usually a policy reaches people when they sign up for accounts or retweets messages. However, the ability to promote publications for money deprives users of the choice, and Twitter considers it wrong.

Although online advertising is incredibly strong and very effective for commercial advertisers, it is very risky for politics where it can be used to influence voices and affect the lives of millions.

Jack dorsey

Twitter CEO

Dorsey believes that political advertising has become a new challenge for public discourse due to the use of machine learning for micro-targeting and the dissemination of unverified false data, as well as diphakes. In his opinion, this will affect all Internet communications, even in isolation from politics.

For us, the best options will be to focus on the root of the problems without the additional burden and difficulties that make money. Trying to fix everything means that nothing will be fixed – it will damage our authority.

Jack dorsey

The head of Twitter explained that the service does not consider it right to say “we are working to stop the spread of false information” and at the same time allow buying political advertising. According to Dorsey, authorities should also think ahead while regulating social networks.

We need a more farsighted regulation of political advertising (although this is very difficult to do). Advertising transparency requirements are progress, but not enough. The Internet offers completely new opportunities and regulators need to think today to ensure equal game rules.

Jack dorsey

At the end of the thread, the founder of Twitter added that the ban does not concern freedom of expression, but payment for coverage. In his opinion, the modern democratic system may not be ready for an increase in political advertising, therefore, “it is better to retreat in order to decide.”

As The Verge noted , Facebook has recently encountered a similar problem . In early October, representatives of Joe Biden asked popular social networks to deal with announcements from Trump’s office, which alleged about Biden and Zelensky’s family ties.

In response to this, Facebook announced that they would not be engaged in verifying the facts made by politicians or advertising on the platform. Later, company representatives explained the decision by caring for self-expression and “respect for the democratic process.”

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