Microsoft received a $ 10 billion Pentagon contract. Amazon loser calls decision illogical

The battle has unfolded over the creation of a cloud storage infrastructure.

According to the results of the competition, the Pentagon signed a $ 10 billion contract with Microsoft, which implies the creation of a cloud storage infrastructure.

According to the US Defense Department, Microsoft will receive the specified amount if it fulfills all the tasks. The company bypassed including Amazon, IBM, Oracle and Google, said MarketWatch.

After the Pentagon announced the decision, Amazon representatives openly “surprised” what happened. It was Jeff Bezos’s company that was considered the main contender for the victory in the competition, the Washington Post newspaper emphasized – it also belongs to the businessman. The publication associated the loss of Amazon with criticism from Donald Trump and the review of the decision of the Ministry of Defense at the last moment.

Amazon spokeswoman MarketWatch commented that the company is the clear leader in the cloud. The Bezos holding company considered that “a detailed assessment solely on the basis of comparable proposals would lead to other conclusions.”

Google was one of the first major players to get out of the fight for a contract. Back in 2018, company employees criticized management for collaborating with the Pentagon.

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