US Secret Service interrogates Eminem due to threats to Trump and his daughter in songs

When the musician was read excerpts from his songs, he began to rap right during interrogation.

The U.S. Secret Service interrogated American rapper Eminem over three songs that used threatening statements in the direction of the president and his family. This is stated in the report of the department, which was received by BuzzFeed reporters.

Rumors of interrogation appeared after the release of the Kamikadze album. In the song “The Ringer,” the rapper mentions that he was interrogated by the US Secret Service. Office officials declined to comment on the situation, but BuzzFeed sent an official request citing the Freedom of Information Act. After that, the organization sent a report to reporters in which it confirmed the interrogation of the performer.

The 40-page document talks about a study of Eminem’s work. The Secret Service stated that the performer displayed “inappropriate behavior” and expressed threats towards the president.

It all started with an anonymous complaint of a citizen in December 2017, which, according to the documents, was an employee of TMZ. He complained about threats to Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka in Eminem’s songs. Representatives of the department conducted a study and three songs with threats to the president and his family – “Framed”, “Like Home” and another track from the Revival album.

The Secret Service organized a meeting with the musician in January 2018, to which he came with a whole team of lawyers. The document notes that during the interrogation, Secret Service officers began to read excerpts from the songs. Eminem joined them and started to rap.

Two months later, at a meeting of the US Secret Service, it was decided not to transfer the case to the prosecutor. The reasons are not disclosed.

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