The satellite removed a rare atmospheric phenomenon

Weatherzone, a satellite of the Australian weather forecasting service, shot a rare phenomenon on Monday - atmospheric gravitational waves. According to CNN, waves propagated from the coast of Western Australia, creating ripples in the clouds over the Indian Ocean.

Atmospheric gravity waves over Australia Weatherzone

Gravitational waves were caused by thunderstorms and cold air, leading to disturbance in the atmosphere. “The atmosphere is a large volume of gas that acts like a liquid,” Weatherzone meteorologist Ben Domencino explained. According to him, it is like waves that diverge from a stone thrown into the water.

Atmospheric waves are a fairly common occurrence, but, as a rule, they are invisible if they do not cause the movement of clouds that the satellite can capture.

Atmospheric waves do not pose any danger, however, pilots must be careful with ascending and descending air currents, explained Ben Domencino.

Atmospheric Gravity Waves Over Australia Weatherzone

Atmospheric or internal gravitational waves (IGW) – the propagation of vibrations of air masses, which, in contrast to conventional sound (acoustic) waves, in addition to the longitudinal, also transverse, shear component. It arises due to the action of gravity: the heavier part of the compression tends to fall down, and the lighter rarefaction region tends to float up.

The propagation speed of such waves varies from tens to hundreds of meters per second, the length reaches several tens of kilometers or more.

The sources of HBV in the atmosphere are: variations of ionospheric currents associated with precipitation of energetic particles from the magnetosphere, as well as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, high-altitude nuclear explosions, etc.

After a powerful storm over Bangladesh Photos Jeff Dai

After a powerful thunderstorm over Bangladesh in late April , huge round waves of luminous air appeared over Tibet in China .

Unlike auroras, the energy of which is provided by collisions of charged particles with high energy at high altitudes, atmospheric emission is explained by chemiluminescence – the emission of light during chemical reactions.

Scientists have found that a few days before the earthquake, the parameters of the internal gravitational waves in the atmosphere change. This information can help develop short-term earthquake prediction methods. The results of the study are published in the journal “Reports of the Academy of Sciences”

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