Visitors to the London Royal Court Theater were forbidden to bring plastic bottles

The institution is so trying to deal with pollution of the planet.

Snapshot Jansos, Alamy

The Royal Court London Theater has banned its visitors from bringing liquids in plastic bottles. This was announced to The Guardian by the artistic director of the theater Vicki Fairstone.

Plastic bottles will be banned and I think this is very important. We are not nannies for people, so when they leave our building, they can behave as they like.

Vicki Fairstone

Artistic Director of the Royal Court Theater

In addition, the theater plans to reduce its own emissions of garbage. To do this, the institution will study its own scenery, lighting and other elements of performances in order to reduce its environmental impact.

The work will be completed by March 2020. By this time, the theater management plans to reduce garbage emissions to a minimum. The producer of the performances, Lucy Davis, expressed the hope that other organizations would borrow their experience.

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