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Hong Kong authorities withdraw bill to extradite suspects and prisoners to China, Macau and Taiwan

Because of him, demonstrations have been taking place in the country since the beginning of summer.

The Hong Kong government has officially withdrawn a bill to extradite suspects in Macau, Taiwan and Hong Kong. This was announced by Security Secretary John Lee.

In early September, the head of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam, promised to withdraw the bill from consideration after the resumption of parliament. In mid-October, this was not possible due to opposition deputies who disrupted the meeting.

Since the beginning of June 2019, mass protests have been held in Hong Kong over the law on the extradition of suspects and prisoners. This item is the first of five protest demands. Activists also demand to abolish the use of the term “riots” in relation to the June 12 protest rally, release citizens arrested for rallies, study the actions of the police in protests and create a system of democratic elections for the head of Hong Kong and parliament.

In July, the head of state called the bill dead, but citizens demanded that the bill be completely withdrawn from consideration.

The protests in Hong Kong – the most interesting thing that is happening in the global protest movement. And here is why 

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