A California reporter jumped onto a vintage car during a direct inclusion from a car dealership. He was fired

The salon management did not appreciate the “report from the hood”.

Angel Cardenas, a California-based KMAX-TV correspondent, was fired after jumping and climbing on cars during a direct turn on from a car dealership in Sacramento. An excerpt from the report was posted on Facebook by viewers, writes the New York Post.

Talking about retro cars in one of the halls of the salon, Cardenas said that he felt like “a child in a candy store without a master who can do anything.” At this time, he opened the door of the Ford Thunderbird of the 50s and hit her a nearby car.

After a brief interview with a Ford representative, the reporter jumped onto the 2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid hood. Cardenas was required to get out of the car, and he finished reporting.

The organizers of the car dealership appealed to the channel’s management with an appeal to apologize to all participants in the events – vintage cars are private property.

In response to complaints from viewers, Cardenas wrote a letter in which he promised to apologize to the owners of the cars, writes Buzzfeed.

I apologize if you were offended by my actions during the live broadcast. I can assure you that the cars were not damaged. The door-hit episode was a hoax. Maybe I went too far somewhere, but I did not try to express disrespect to the owners of the cars, even if it looked like that. It was really stupid of me. I personally will address them with a sincere apology.

Angel cardenas

former KMAX-TV correspondent

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